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A Simple Summer Art Activity

Sometimes, there are days when the kids just need an activity that lets them explore their creativity and love of art. Ok, honestly, this is like everyday ...but I'm only one woman, people! Most days crayons just have to suffice:). But on those special days, this is one of my favorite activities. We've often used it as an incentive for Fox to stay on top of his chores -and it works so well! 


Random, right? But for some reason, Michaels and Joann's seem to always have them ...and they're usually only $1! So, if the kids have been extra-helpful around the house (and I need to pick up some supplies), we'll stop by the craft store and pick up a few birdhouses for the kids to paint. 

Fox has been big on color-mixing lately. Just look at all the colors he created in that top photo! He loves quizzing me on which color combos make which colors. Not gonna lie, it definitely makes this art teacher mama proud. And Sloane is so careful with her paints. I love watching her add color to her birdhouses ...or whatever she is painting.

Do you have a favorite summer activity for your kids? Or yourself (I'm always looking for fun, new things)?

Getting Splashed

None of us do well being cooped up inside all day, and with the AZ summer heat picking up, splash pads have been all the rage around our parts lately. The other day, I just tossed the kids' suits, towels, sunblock, and a tupperware of pineapple into a bag, then grabbed the kids and headed to get splashed. Also, please take note I wore shorts for basically the first time in a year. Yikes.

We had such a blast! I am pretty much down to go everyday now -as long as we always have fresh pineapple to bring with us. I think pineapple is my favorite fruit right now. 

Anyone else down to get splashed?

Penguins, Polar Bears, Belugas, and more!

Summertime is the best time for a fun little road trip (roadtrip snacks? yes please). And since it hit 100 degrees here in the valley yesterday, I'd say it's basically summer now. We really needed a break, so once our work schedules coordinated, Cam and I jumped on the opportunity to head over to San Diego and put our annual Sea World passes to good use. This was one of the best trips we have had in a while. It was sooooo not stressful! I'm the worst about getting my hopes up too high and then having a really hard time when things don't work out. So, before we left for California, Camaron and I made a couple goals for our trip. I purposely made my goals simple and easy. Mainly, we just wanted to have some fun memories with the kids and not be stressed (are you catching on that I get stressed out a lot??)

It was the perfect Sea World visit. Yep, I said it. Well, the only thing that would have made it better would have been if we had been able to meet up with our good friends who were there a couple days before us. Dang work schedules messin up our original plans. But seriously, everything ended up working out so well! It rained that morning when we pulled into the Sea World parking lot, so the lines and crowds were pretty non-existent, and it felt so wonderful outside! Well, I guess it also would have been nice if my hair hadn't frizzed out. Oh well, deal with it.

My aunt and cousin came with us and we had a blast. Right off the bat, they were like, "Don't feel pressured to hang out with us just because we're here." But we totally made them hang with us basically the whole time! Ha!

We got to see so many animals this time! Last time, I think we just saw the penguins and dolphins then took a nap the rest of the day (we're so exciting). But really, I think we saw everything! The kids were awesome and totally down for everything. And my Aunt and cousin were the best and took the kids to the Sesame Street Bay of Play for a while so Camaron and I could go off by ourselves and ride the big rides! I'm not a huge fan of roller coasters. I'm like a medium fan. So, for me, the Manta ride was perfect! It wasn't like a gonna-make-you-blackout-type coaster, it was just fun! We rode it twice in a row, of course. Then we made our way to Atlantis.

Camaron had never been on Atlantis, so I really built it up for him. It's really fun, but also kinda weird. Like, you know how on adventure rides there is always some kind of back story or whatever. Like, you're accomplishing something by being on the ride -saving the world or whatnot? Am I even making sense? Anyway, the back story on Atlantis is just really vague and confusing, and the lady's voice is just so intense. I swear, at one point she says, "To help the dolphins save the planet, you must keep you arms and legs inside the ride at all times." I had told Camaron all of this, so I'm sure he had really high expectations (haha). But ...there was no narration this time! I was so bummed! I don't know if it was gone for good or what, but I am still so sad I didn't get to make fun of it with Camaron. And I wore a poncho and everyone was jealous. I swear.

It was really dark in the shark tunnel, hence the amazing quality of these photos :/  But I had to include them because of Fox's face. Look how scared he is in every photo! The whole time we were around the sharks, he kept saying things like "I'm not sure about this" "I don't really like this" and "this is too scary" but we're awesome parents and made him check out the sharks with us anyway! Ha! (don't worry, we didn't force him to stay long or anything).

Oh! Hands down, the best part for the kids was the Elmo ride in the Sesame Street area. My aunt lost count of how many times Sloane rode on that ride. For Camaron and I, it was Dine with Shamu. Who would have thought the best buffet I'd ever have would be at Sea World?? That mac n cheeeeeeeeeese (drool). Also, it was really cool because it was we also got our own private Shamu show (the whales and trainers were seriously right next to our table), and the food was soooo good (in case you didn't know). Speaking of food, our favorite San Diego restaurant right now is The Lion's Share downtown. The antelope sliders and boar sausage poutine are so good. So so good.

Anyone else hitting up San Diego this summer? I'm so down for going like 6 more times.

Today is Fox Day!

Did you know that today is an extra-special day? It's definitely not just another blah Monday ...it's Fox Day! At Fox's preschool, the last couple of months, a student gets spotlighted each week. They bring in a poster filled in with facts all about themselves, then they lead a show-and-tell at the end of the week. This week is Fox's week! And today is the day he brings in his poster to share all of his important Fox facts:)

Fox got to pick out each picture he put on his poster (love that he chose a fam pic from Easter last year;) ). We let him pick everything he wrote and drew on the poster -which lead to some really great Fox facts. Here is what his poster says:

All About Fox Stevenson
I am 3 years old
My favorite color is green
My favorite animal is fox
My favorite food is hot dog
Target is my favorite place
When I grow up, I want to be pillow fort-er
My favorite thing to do is play with toys
If I had one wish, I would wish for Grandma's house

This kid! Hahaha Target?! And he came up with the term "pillow fort-er" completely on his own:) I can't wait to hear what he decides to take to school tomorrow for show-and-tell.

Oh! P.S. yes, Fox is fully dressed behind his poster in the above pic;) And yes, he has mint nail polish on two of his toes -it was the only way I could get him to take a bath this morning. He thinks nail polish is so cool.
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