Monday, September 19, 2011

Rock This City

Sometimes, it's really hard living so far away from my family.
It has been such a blessing to have moved to an area near so much of Camaron's extended family 
-even more so that they are so stinkin AWESOME!

We spent this weekend with Camaron's grandparents at their summer condo in Park City
Oh, hey! Just hangin out by the dumpster

Pipe buddies. Camaron packed his pipe precisely for an opportunity like this

This is how we trolley

This is how Cam trolleys

The pipe makes everything classy

Future olympian

Another future olympian

USA, we a bobsled team!

What you need to do next time you hit up Park City for a guaranteed good time:

Put 9 people in a 6 person condo.

Push Tanner in the pool 6+ times.

Line the bedroom floor with pillows and blankets and fall asleep all 
together watching How To Train Your Dragon.

Wake up and return to pool. Be sure to push Tanner in a few more times.

Pack in a few pizza slices from Davanza's in downtown Park City.

Ride the trolley up the hill.

Try on shirts with funny skier puns.

Go in Olive & Tweed. Seriously, too much cute stuff.

Visit the Olympic Park and see athletes training.

Drive around in authorized only areas. No one questions grandpas.

Take lots of jumping photos.

Plan to go back ASAP.


  1. i seriously love everything about this post!!! best day ever = you guys moving to utah!!

  2. sounds like so much fun :)

  3. haha looks like you had fun! I adore the photos :)

  4. Olive and Tweed!! Somehow we are the same person... like in every way. I adore that store! I always want to buy everything there!

  5. Always a party with Andrea!

  6. Wow! I had no idea Cam was training for the Olympics!! That's one sweet pic you got of him.

  7. jumping photos are a must for any location

  8. Awesome photos! Looks like such fun!

  9. I lurve me some Park City! You guys have some impressive fun times. Aaaand now I'm craving pizza.


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