Monday, April 30, 2012

Growing into my pants ...and other baby updates

I'll hit 24 weeks tomorrow. 
A perfect time to go on a little trip, no? With Camaron starting his new job next week, and me getting bigger by the day, we decided to go on one last road trip before we're officially parents and things get majorly crazy/busy. It's just a mini trip (only like 2 hours away), but I am so excited! We're going up to Prescott and staying in a haunted hotel! (I don't know why this brings me so much joy) 
And temperatures are looking like they'll be around 75 degrees the entire time we're there!

Ok, back to business. I've definitely hit the pregnancy stage where clothes that comfortably fit are becoming scarce. I've been fastening my pants with hair ties, pencil skirts are a thing of the past now, and pants that were once too big are now the perfect fit -luckily, they're a minty green color and I'm so happy I can finally wear them! (I can't believe I'm glad I grew into my pants)

 and I'm lovin on this reverse crown braid I found on Elsie's blog. It's my new go-to-do

 These are the pants (they're at Forever 21 right now for cheaps!). They run a little big, so go for about a size smaller than you normally would.

...and here's my face! 
For some reason, it seems like all the pics I post of myself on here never include my face. I don't know how this happens. I mean, look at that face. Who wouldn't want to look at that? Sorry for depriving you* And of course I'm in the the obligatory "look, I'm sitting cross-legged and I am with child" pose

Happy Monday!

*I'll make it up to you somehow


  1. yay bump pics! I love them, especially on cute pregnant ladies like yourself.

  2. your baby bump is so cute. Hope you have a blast on your mini vacation!

  3. You are SUCH a cute prego!!! I hope you have fun on your little mini trip =)

    - Sarah

  4. I love that last photo of you! So cute!

  5. Have fun on your getaway! Your outfit is so cute! And it's true, comfy clothes are getting *so* hard to come by.

  6. LOVE! We went on a "baby-moon" at around 24-25 weeks too. One thing that made a huge difference was making sure the trip was centered on our marriage and not the baby. My hub really appreciated being the center of my attention instead of my growing belly. But we did have some nice "little family" time too.
    Make sure we hear about your fun trip!

  7. that's the only reason i added you on facebook. i'd been so face deprived i had to get my fix somewhere.

  8. the minty green pants are hot! i need me some of those stat!


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