Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Right Now.

Right now, I love:

When Camaron gets to feel the baby kick. They both love it so much! And I do too!

That Camaron finally heard back from Apple ...and got the job!!! I don't know if I ever told you about that. Well, he applied to be an at-home advisor like around Christmas, then heard back from them the week we moved home to AZ, then got a second interview a little while later, then went through a background check a little after that ...we waited about a month ...then they offered him the job!!!!!!! It's so perfect for us right now since Cam is in school and I could really use an iPhone:)

That my mom is soooo excited to be a grandma. I feel like she will go head over heels 
for anything that has to do with the baby. 
Prime example: She is probably more stoked than I am to make this quilt together for lil baby

That nobody stole anything from our house the other night when we left the door open and were gone for like three hours. As in, the door wasn't even closed. Oops.

How I am getting maternity clothing cravings. All I want is a cobalt blue maxi skirt that I can wear the entire pregnancy. One that has pleats and is flowy, but won't make me look ginormous. Is that too much to ask?

My hair is at the stage where it's like, "what up? I know I'm too long to look cute straight, but I'm too short to look cute curled. Deal with it. p.s. nice homely bun." My hair can be such a skeez 

That I totally feel like I can handle work right now. I never get too tired there, or panic when I'm the only one at the front desk. It is such a blessing.

Looking at cutie little boy clothes. 
1. 2.

And I just love AZ right now. Perfect weather, nearby family, and yummy Mexican food:)


  1. I LOVE that quilt! So gorgeous. And those boy clothes are too cute :)

  2. Those little boy outfits are sooo adorable!!

  3. and i LOVE you! congrats to cam on the apple job! so awesome! feel free to share the love with your best friend in philly :)

  4. There is nothing better than feeling the baby kick...awww! x


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