Details: Prescott

1. When visiting courthouse plaza, make sure you look down. Lots of cool details on the sidewalks.

2. At first, I didn't know if our hotel's elevator was real. It had one of those metal accordion doors you have to slide shut yourself. Pretty sure it was the hotel's original elevator. It was so cool.

3. While in one of Prescott's many art galleries, one of the ladies there insisted Camaron try on these shoes. They're made by a local artist couple and the soles are made from tires.

4. What happens when you take an "extended arm shot" without checking to see whether the camera is zoomed out or not. Extreme closeup!

5. Lake driftwood

6. We made sure to follow all of the directions on this sign.

7. Where we rested our heads at night.

8. So much Arizona centennial pride to be had in Prescott. It was wonderful.


  1. Oooh I really like the elevator buttons. Very art deco-ish =)

    - Sarah

  2. beautiful photos! now i have to get ice cream.

  3. the trail sign is my fav!


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