Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Roadtrip: Prescott

Camaron and I spent a few days this week up in Prescott, AZ. It was great fun just getting away from it all for a little bit. And it's always a great time just to be able to spend some time with just the two of us -that's kind of a joke, because we're seriously together almost all day, everyday. 
(But we know in four months, that will change a bit)

Prescott did us well. The weather was awesome -I even wore a sweater (twice!). The small town feel reminded Camaron of his mission quite a bit (apparently, Indiana has A LOT of small towns). So that was fun to hear him talk about town courthouses, town festivals, and skinny dipping (ok, that didn't happen on his mission. But the boy couldn't stop talking about it). I hadn't been to Prescott since I was around ten, and Camaron had never been, so it was a lot of fun exploring a different part of our state than we were used to.

1. I loved the courthouse plaza. A great place to eat some grilled wraps (and drip wrap juice all over the town gazebo) (I've heard).

2. The only regret we had was forgetting to grab some candy cigars from the candy shop. Definitely didn't regret getting malted milk ball and german chocolate cake ice cream.

3. The town courthouse. "Save the clock tower!" 

4. Camaron had the song "Davey Crockett" in his head for most of the trip. Don't know why this pic made me remember that.

5. The two of us at Watson Lake. We had planned to rent a canoe and conquer that lake, but we couldn't find the boat rental place. We looked everywhere. Next time, Watson Lake. Next time.

6. Pretty Pretty.

7. Camaron walking on water. No big.

8. Candid Camaron. MMmmmmm sugar!

9. My new favorite pic. We're in love and stuff.


  1. I love visiting Prescott! It's so quaint. But I've never seen the lake! We'll have to check it out the next time we go. We once drove from Prescott to Flagstaff (about an hour away) just to eat at Red Robin. Haha!

  2. this place looks magical!


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