Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Know It's Wednesday...

But this weekend was just so great, I want to blog about it some more.

The baby shower on Saturday was just so great for tons of reasons -one major one being that I had been putting off doing much in the baby room until after the shower. It seems like a good idea to not buy anything for baby until after the shower would probably be a better idea, however, if only we hadn't planned the shower so close to the due date. Let's just say, I was sooo excited to finally be able to really get started putting things together and clean, decorate, etc...

I was out running errands that evening while Cam was still working on the baby room. The best part of my evening was when I received a text from the husband with this picture attached
I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud when I saw this. Cutie Camaron is so ready to be a dad.

Later that night, our Bradford friends invited us over for ice cream and balloon boy reminiscing.  It was wonderful. And really funny.

Then, on Sunday, Camaron and I gave talks at church. We were asked to speak on pioneers. Due to a lot of uncontrolled(?) factors, my talk ended up only taking 5 minutes of our allotted time, so Cam got to speak for the remaining 25 minutes. Oops. Well, at least that boy likes to talk and does it well.

That night, my family had our traditional Christmas in July celebration. We started making it a tradition a few years ago. It's a completely secular tradition, but I love when we get to do it:) The night included frosting Christmas cookies, having a gift exchange, some festive decorations, and playing fun games.

One of the best parts of the night was that this is the gift Camaron's dad ended up with. I don't think he's ever seen any of the new Batman movies, but he did a great scary Batman voice. Sure, it sounded more like the Old Spice guy, but it was still great.

Now I really want some more Christmas cookies.


  1. We had to speak on Sunday too! And it was on pioneers! And I only spoke for 6 of my assigned 12 minutes! Twinners!

    1. That is crazy!!! Oh, our poor husbands -at least they like to talk? Camaron was bribing me to go into labor during the intermediate hymn before he had to speak:)

  2. I love that quilt! That's so cute how your husband set it up :)

  3. When we were setting up the nursery after the baby shower, we would take all of the clothes and make them "walk" as if our baby was already there and could miraculously walk.
    Is that just me? Yes? No?

    This may be awkward.

    BUT! Cute quilt!

    1. Bahaha that is sooo cute!!! Everytime I see a piece of baby clothing, my voice gets super high pitched. I just get so excited!


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