Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Life At 38 Weeks

-Sleep, sleep, sleep (I feel very ok about this, as I usually have to get up 3+ times during the night to visit the bathroom)

-Morning cuddles with husband (best part of the day)

-Breakfast together before hubs goes to work

-Catch up on the internets

-Catch up on PLL (Pretty Little Liars -aint no shame ...ok, a little bit of shame)

-Get ready for the day and go to work (don't be fooled, the term "get ready for the day" is used very loosely here)

-Have tons of fun being 38 weeks pregnant at work (It's my last week, thank goodness)

-Come home and make dinner while waiting for hubs to finish up at work (all whilst sweating profusely)

-Eat dinner together or invite friends over or go over to friend's (this step varies throughout the week)

-Netflix it up together until we're too tired to watch any more episodes of Scrubs

-Pretend like we're going to read for a little bit, but then realize I'm too tired to look at words

-Sleep, sleep, sleep



  1. :) You are almost there!! Enjoy all the rest and sleep while you can!!

  2. Oh yes, I remember all too well. Especially since it was only like 2 months ago for me lol. Good luck! Hang in there!

    - Sarah

  3. Omg! I remember before i had sofie i would sweat so hard while making dinner! You'll be happy to know that goes away immediately :)

  4. ahh you're almost there! He'll be here soon! Can't wait to see you Friday for brunch with Mandy (we're still on right?!?). Until then, enjoy some sleep for me because I don't do it enough. Thanks :)

  5. You're so close! You're going to be a mom :) how exciting for you. Enjoy the rest of your work week, and sleeeeeeeep. :)

  6. you are too cute, you make being 38 weeks sound fabulous! look at that perfect little baby bump! and seriously, pretty little liars is definitely a guilty shame. so sad i jumped on the bandwagon too late. i'm already behind on season 3. boo!
    xo TJ


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