Sunday, August 05, 2012

One Year Later

The other night, I decided to look in my journal to see what I had written in it last year (it's a five year journal). On this weekend last year, we were just finishing up packing and gearing  up to stuff the moving truck for our big move up to Utah. I can't believe that happened a year ago! I totally remember the morning that we filled the truck. Some of our neighbors and friends from church came over to help and the whole move was finished in about 45 minutes! It was so great -especially since it was so hot. And I had picked up Krispy Kremes for everyone, but ended up eating the majority of them on our drive up north (which was just fine).

This weekend (in the present), Cam and I are happily back in AZ, Camaron and I are both working, we had breakfast for dinner with friends, watched the Olympics, doggy-sat our neighbor's super-cool dog, Camaron drove all the way down to Benson for a music video shoot, I ate the most amazing grilled pizza, and we tried to convince baby to make his debut (mostly Camaron, though. So impatient, that one).

Do you remember what you were doing a year ago? It's so crazy how life changes so much so quickly. ...And now I really want some Krispy Kremes (or to just watch this video)


  1. It's crazy how time flies. and if we think about it, no matter happy or sad, we never wanted it to stop going.


  2. A year ago I was waiting around for you to come back from Utah so we could eventually become best friends forever!!!!!!!!!!!¡

    1. FOREVERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the idea of keeping a journal and every now and then looking back to see what happened a year ago on that day. That's awesome! Also, this is kind of random but aren't moves are so much easier with help? 45 minutes is crazy! My husband and I just moved recently and were so thankful for our church friends.


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