Friday, November 01, 2013

A Very Long Halloween

This Halloween was a very long one (did anyone else notice?). Sheesh Thursday Halloween, you really know how to take up the whole week. Good thing I love Halloween though, or else I might have complained. This year was extra fun since Fox was old enough to actually trick-or-treat. It was so fun to watch him pick out candy and place them into his little pumpkin bucket. I loved holding his hand, walking with him door to door to say "trick-or-treat!" -I was the one who said it, he just loved being there.

Last Saturday, for our church party, and a friend's party later that night, our family dressed up in a Wayne's World theme. I was Wayne, Camaron was Garth, and Fox was Alice Cooper. Fox won us a huge candy bar for "scariest costume" -thank you Fox! Then on Tuesday, I was invited to a friend's church party. Camaron had class, so he had to miss out. Fox loved all of the costumes (except for any involving face paint), and we had a blast in the bounce house and on the giant, inflatable slide:)

On actual Halloween, Camaron had class again so Fox and I hit up Hallow's Eve, just the two of us. I was a cat burglar cat (inspired by this AMAZING post) and Fox was a cow -who saw that coming?!?! We visited both sets of Grandparents, then we helped pass out candy:)

What were you for Halloween?
Happy November!!!!!!!
My birthday's on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ate a lot of candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. oh man! i thought you would have dressed up like the music video, "what does the fox say?"! dang class! well, your costumes were still great and i'm glad you ate lots of candy! YUM!


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