Saturday, January 04, 2014

Being Pregnant is Known to Slow Down One's Blogging

Wahoo! We're back on the having-a-baby train again! Even though it's been a lot rougher than it was with Fox, so far, I am so incredibly grateful to be able to have this opportunity again:)

Sorry for my lack of blogging/doing anything lately, I've been busy taking naps and laying on the couch and being disgusted by most foods. It's been great. Luckily, that crazy first trimester junk now seems to be pretty much over. I'm just about 16 weeks and it's blowing my mind that I could be finding out the gender later this month -however, we have actually decided we want to be surprised and not find out the baby's gender this time around.

Camaron first brought up leaving the gender a surprise right after I told him I was pregnant (which I found out while he was filming his pilot in NYC in Oct). I am all for it. I love surprises, and how often do you get to experience a really, truly great surprise? Plus, we already have all of our major essentials from when Fox was tiny, so I'm not too worried either way.

The baby is due to make its appearance on the 20th of June, 2014. Originally, according to mine and's calculations, baby was due June 28th. What a pleasant surprise to find out at my first doctor appointment that I was actually a week further along than I thought!

One more week closer to having our family of three become a family of four:)


  1. Ooo, I just love when people are pregnant for some reason. haha I guess I can just feel their excitement and it's such a cool thing in general to be growing a human. So happy for you!

  2. So happy for you and your sweet family!

  3. A surprise?!??! Now I'm all sorts of excited!!!

  4. Love that you're keeping it a surprise!! I don't think I could do that, but it would be so much fun to be totally surprised like that. I also think we are overdue for a get together!

  5. whoa whoa whoa! big surprise! congrats on making things an even four in the fam! i hope you start feeling better soon.


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