Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Fox + 18 months + The Park = Party

Fox will officially hit the 18 month mark (aka 1.5 years old) in exactly two weeks! He is such a fun little boy and I love getting to spend so much time with him each day -especially now that my 1st trimester woes are now long gone (hallelujah!). 

Here are some of our favorites about Fox being this age:

He's got the bedtime routine down. Cam and I will just say "time to go to bed" and then begin doing a silly march to Fox's room, and he'll quickly join in (he's an excellent marcher). He then knows to go right to kneeling down (or just sitting on my lap) for prayers, and he's been doing this with zero fuss for a few weeks now. Favorite!!!

He loooves to watch the Curious George cartoon. Netflix has 6 seasons of the show, and we've watched them all at least three times now. That little monkey is always getting in trouble, and Fox can't get enough of it. In a close second is Arthur -I've started putting that one on here and there because I have a really hard time with re-runs. And Fox always giggles at the opening credits of Arthur:)

When Camaron gets home from school/work each day, I usually shout "Daddy's home!" Fox used to run to greet his daddy, but now he usually just approaches Camaron and them lays flat on the floor on his stomach and laughs (mostly because Cam immediately will join him). I don't know where Fox gets this stuff. It's almost like he's too overwhelmed that dad came home to stand up.

Kid loves the park (obviously^^^). He does an excellent job climbing and sliding down slides all on his own -and fyi, he will only slide down on his stomach, feet first. And he can swing in the big kid swings on his own too (well, he likes being pushed -still not quite sure how to swing). I just wish I had as much energy as him, so I didn't have to feel so bad when I force him to come home with me after playing for a long while. I'm sure he'd have no problem staying there all day.

His vocabulary is growing everyday. I remember at his last doctor appointment, he only knew about four words. I've lost count as to how many he knows now. I love how excited he gets when he can point out words he knows. Most exciting things to point out include cars, ducks, doggies, babies, hi, cheese, and Ky (uncle Kyle).

Love you, lil Fox
Thank you for being done with that weird/grumpy stage you were going through last week:)


  1. He really is cute and is one of my favorite babies of ALL time!!!
    Aunty Diane

  2. Oh my goodness! Those pictures are fantastic--I must have. Can you get one of Fox and Cam laying on the floor together??? That is too funny.


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