Thursday, July 03, 2014

His New Little Sister

I can't even tell you how many times I was asked, while pregnant, how I thought Fox would handle getting a sibling. To me, it's a silly question because ...well, who knows?! And second, I knew that no matter how he reacted at first, Fox and his new brother or sister would eventually be best little friends, so I chose to focus on that instead.

When Fox first met Sloane, in the hospital room hours after she was born, I don't even know if he knew she was in the room. He was in a new environment and both of our families were there, so of course he just acted like a puppy the whole time and barked, then demanded someone take him exploring:) Over the last week though, Fox has definitely become aware of "baby." He called her "Doane" the first day we were all home, but now he just refers to her as "baby." I took Sloane to her first doctor appointment on Monday, and after we left, Camaron observed Fox searching from room to room. Then he held his hands up to his cheeks and began calling out, "mom?" and "Where'd they go?" over and over. I think that was the first time he quit ignoring us since we got back from the hospital (yay!). And now he always wants to help with her. The other day, I had Sloane on the couch with me; Fox saw this and quickly went into our bedroom and pushed Sloane's little bed out to the living room where we were so she could go in it if needed:) And I found Fox's favorite Mickey Mouse toy in her bed one day, hidden in the blanket where he had placed it for her.

Fox even sometimes tries to pick up Sloane for us when he knows we're about to go grab her. It's so funny and cute. He doesn't actually pick her up, he just holds out his arms and gets close to her. I sometimes get worried he might unintentionally become too rough with her, but I don't want to completely ban him from touching her, so we taught Fox how to tickle her feet. I love seeing him walk up to her and then wiggle his fingers by her and say "tickle tickle!" He also gives her plenty of kisses -for some reason, he's only comfortable with giving her air-kisses for now, but it's a start.

p.s. whenever someone asks who we think Sloane looks most like, Camaron and I can't help but respond, "Fox."
Sloane is on the right. And they act the same too. And I love it.


  1. Hallie and I are enjoying your pictures!

  2. ahhhh. they are both so perfect. i love this.


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