Friday, July 18, 2014

Off the Charts

Sloane had her 2 week checkup this week (at 3 weeks), and I was blown away. For weight, she's in the 90th percentile. For height, she is off the chart. And her head circumference is in the 98th percentile. Ummm, whose kid is this? Fox has always been in the lower percentages. Remember how he and her are so similar, well it looks like people are going to start thinking they're twins if she keeps growing like this:)

p.s. We're going on a little trip this weekend. I am so excited to get away to cooler weather. You seriously have no idea how jealous I've been of all of the camping pictures up in the mountains that everyone has been posting all summer. Hands down, that was the hardest part of being super pregnant all summer. Yay for vacation!

1 comment:

  1. I'm super jealous of all the camping photos, too! Guess I'll have to wait for next summer.


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